Women's Team Coaches

Josh Wright

Solihull Moors Women Coach

Josh Wright


How long have you been working for the Women's side?

Since the start of this current season after Dave asked me to come down at times last season to have a look at the setup and squad.

What made you become involved in women's football? Multiple things to be fair. Working with Dave again was a big pull as we had previously worked together for a number of years and work well together as well as the chance to be involved with the Club again. From a personal development point of view, I like the challenge of understanding the women’s game and to develop myself as a coach as well as to coach at a first-team level where the object is to win football matches as opposed to player development which is the case within youth football so now I get a good mixture with my other coaching outside of Moors.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Women's set up?

I love how much the girls want to learn and take on board information, it is a coach's dream to have players ask questions and be willing to learn. Also, we have a very good group of staff worthy of a team in the higher divisions, that professional factor just adds to the setup and makes it a good place to coach.

As a coach, where do you feel your strengths lie?

I should let Dave answer this as he knows me better than most but if I had to pick one I would say being organised is my main strength. I have to make sure sessions are set up in advanced, practices flow nicely and are well thought out as well as making sure we maximising the time we have with the girls as it is limited.

What are your goals for this season in terms of the women's side? To be competing at the top end of the league, it’s that simple, the staff and club are backing the women’s team really well so that has to be the standards we set.

Where would you like to see the Women's side in the next 5 years? Ideally the Championship! However, we have our sights set on pushing towards a league title very soon so a comfortable Tier 3 team is the minimum.

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